GIS and Vulnerability Assessment

On March 24th 2011 was signed the contract between United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and GESP Joint Venture (Joint Venture between GESP S.r.l., GIS4C B.V. and CGS-EI of UWI) for theProvision of Services to Caribbean OCTs. Lot1: GIS and Vulnerability Assessment

The main objective of the project is to characterize the natural and, where identified as significant, human-induced hazards to which the OCTs are exposed and identify geographic and socio-economic areas of vulnerability.

Local capacities to develop and implement mitigation strategies will then be strengthened through the provision of tools (spatial data infrastructure and models) and best practices to support comprehensive disaster risk management.

By the end of the whole project it is expected that there will be:

  • Increased capacity in hazard mapping and associated vulnerability assessments, to further be incorporated into spatial information systems to inform planning and development processes
  • Capacity built in response, rescue and recovery, in order to shorten recovery periods through the use risk assessment and mitigation practices for development planning
  • Strengthened local disaster management structures and capacities in terms of tools and best practices to support comprehensive disaster risk management
  • Greater cooperation and coordination between the OCTs, with documentation and dissemination of best practices

The project is splitted into 4  main phases:

         Phase I: HM/VA capacity assessment       

         Phase II: Base data and equipment acquisition   

         Phase IV: Vulnerability assessment and quantitative risk assessment

         Phase V: Vulnerability assessment and hazard mapping applications